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Air Carriage Balloons



Air Carriage Balloons


Air Carriage Balloons is the brainchild of Art Moller, an aviation enthusiast with a passion for adventure. The company was founded with a single goal in mind - to provide the best hot air balloon rides in the state of Albuquerque.

Art’s love for hot air balloons began at a young age, when he saw one soaring high in the sky while digging a garden in his hometown of Texas. From that moment on, he knew that flying a hot air balloon was the only career path for him. With unwavering determination, Art worked tirelessly to obtain his commercial license, and soon enough, he was soaring high above the clouds, giving passengers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful New Mexico landscape.

Today, Air Carriage Balloons is known for providing the ultimate hot air balloon experience. From sunrise rides over the Rio Grande Valley to sunset flights over the Sandia Mountains, Art and his team of experienced pilots are dedicated to making each ride a memorable one.