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France Balloons



France Balloons


In 1985, two visionaries, David La Beaume and Mark Dworski, started a company that would change the way people experience the beauty of France. France Balloons, located in the heart of Burgundy in Vermenton, is now the leading provider of hot air balloon passenger transport in France.

France Balloons is a pioneer company in the field of public balloon flights. They have created a culture of excellence that has helped them become the French leader in their industry. The team at France Balloons is committed to providing the highest level of service to their customers. They are known for imposing a constant rigor on all the parameters of their services, ensuring that everything is perfect for their clients.

The experience of flying with France Balloons is truly unforgettable. Guests are treated to stunning views of the French countryside, from the rolling hills of Burgundy to the majestic Loire Valley. The team at France Balloons takes pride in providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who flies with them.