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Miracle Experience Balloons Safaris



Miracle Experience Balloons Safaris


Miracle Experience Balloons is a premier hot air balloon safari organisation based in Tanzania. Their story began in 2019 when their visionary CEO, Hasnain Sajan, recognized the potential of hot air balloons in the tourism industry in Tanzania. With years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sectors, Hasnain assembled a team of experts who shared his passion for adventure and tourism. Together, they created Miracle Experience Balloons, a company that is a game-changer in the Tanzanian tourism industry.

At Miracle Experience Balloons, they offer an unparalleled experience that combines adventure, nature, and comfort. Their hot air balloon safaris take you on a breathtaking journey over the Serengeti, where you can witness the stunning landscapes of Tanzania from a unique perspective.

Their safaris are led by experienced pilots who have a deep understanding of the terrain and wildlife in the region. They will guide you through the skies, pointing out the most interesting sights and providing you with valuable insights into the local culture and wildlife.