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Secure your hot air balloon flight and save time and money with our low deposit option. Book now and pay later, giving you the flexibility you need when it comes to booking a hot air balloon ride.

How it works?

Say goodbye to the hassle of paying the full balance upfront and enjoy the convenience of paying directly to the operator on the day of your flight. With our low deposit option, you can reserve your spot on a hot air balloon and pay the balance directly to the operator on the day of the flight. This means you can enjoy the exhilarating experience of a balloon ride without worrying about upfront costs.

With our low deposit feature, you can rest assured that your balloon ride is secured while enjoying the flexibility of managing your finances. Even if your ride is canceled due to bad weather, we’ve got you covered. Get a full refund for your deposit, ensuring that you don’t lose a penny.


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Book your place in a captivating hot air balloon adventure by making a payment of 20% of the total ticket price.

Why use low-deposit payment?

Hot air balloon flights are significantly influenced by weather conditions and may at times be called off due to unfavorable weather conditions. You can secure your spot on a hot air balloon ride without the worry of losing your money due to unpredictable weather.

With our low deposit booking option, you can enjoy the thrill of reserving your spot without paying the full cost upfront. This risk-free option ensures that you can confidently plan and look forward to your balloon ride, knowing that you won’t lose out if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Soar high in the sky without a care, and experience the breathtaking beauty from above with peace of mind.