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Kapadokya Balloons



Kapadokya Balloons


Founded by Kaili Kidner & Lars Eric Möre in 1991 as the first hot air balloon operator in Cappadocia then after 19 years acquired by Dorak Holding, Kapadokya Balloons has 15 slot rights (10 slots in the first flight period and 5 slots in the second flight period) int the flight zone of Cappadocia, a daily passenger capacity of 306 and the largest fleet of 22 hot air balloons from 2-passenger capacity to 28-passenger capacity balloons. Kapadokya Balloons’ team consists of 90 ground crew, 17 commercial pilots and 16 assistant pilots. With the responsibility of being Cappadocia’s first and World’s biggest hot air balloon operator, Kapadokya Balloons’ name remains a nod to the hot air balloon industry and safely operates 3000 flights and flies 70.000 passengers per year.
Max. Flying Capacity
332 Passenger
Current Fleet (In Service)
32 Hot Air Balloons
18 Years