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Skyway Balloons



Skyway Balloons


Skyway Balon was established in 2007 with the license number TR-B007 as the 7th hot air balloon company of Cappadocia by experienced pilots, İbrahim Alper Katrancı and Sevim Katrancı. Skyway Balloons has a balloon flight training centre (Göktürk Balloon Pilot Training Organisation) which contributed to the sector’s development by training pilots and ground crews for many balloon companies operating in the region. Skyway Balloons has 6 slot rights (4 slots in the first flight period and 2 slots in the second flight period) in the flight zone of Cappadocia with a daily passenger capacity of 152. Sky Balloons works very hard to provide you with the highest quality and best flight experience by combining their partnership with industry experts in every aspect of ballooning.
Max. Flying Capacity
162 Passenger
Current Fleet (In Service)
12 Hot Air Balloons
13 Years